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1. Flower seedling import and export business

For the development of diversification and globalization of the flower business, G&D Horticulture has produced many flowers in Korea based on the world's best import line.

We are distributing seedlings.

We are supplying plant seedlings of various varieties such as Costa Rica, Netherlands, Thailand, China, India and Sri Lanka to flower farms.

In addition, we are doing our best to increase the income of flower farmers by thinking together with flower farmers.

​(Main items: Sophora, Croton, Lucky tree, Maginata, Skindapsus, Adenium, etc.  Plug cat, etc.)

2 Korea’s only flower design business

In line with the flow of the European market, we are trying to diversify the commercialization of existing seedlings, and add designs to seedlings such as labels, pot covers, and sleeves.

We help with product characteristics and distribution.

G&D Horticulture enhances the added value of farms by providing high-quality designs and prints that increase the farm's name value and the value of ginseng products.

​I am working hard to raise it.

I think it is another means to give accurate information to consumers along with in-depth research on seedlings.

We want to convey consumers' right to know, the symbolism of new flower seedlings, and the importance of packaging.

​ As a professional flower design company, we will approach you more systematically and professionally.

​ With the motto of "Let's design flowers", G&D Design Division will do its best.

3. Flower seedling business  and communication with farmers

Through communication with neighboring farms, we secure communication channels with farmers to solve inconveniences and promote the development of the flower business.

​ We manufacture and supply agricultural materials such as hydroponic beds (EBB) and farm trolleys to increase the efficiency of flower farms.

We plan to conduct a business that can provide greater profits to farmers and more competitive prices to consumers.

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